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One click is all it takes to capture that once in a lifetime moment.

This lifetime is the perfect time to capture moments of genuine eye smiles and laughter, breathtaking exchange of scarlets and yellows as the sun sets, people rushing along the busiest streets, even when the flowers meet the bees.  

However, life journeys does not just happen with a series of outside travels. The story of how you begin everyday with a cup of coffee beside you, or how your fur-baby makes the most adorable eyes, is precious.

There’s a whole lot of stories and emotions which awaits out there, in a more vast and bigger picture of your own world.


This is the canvas where your life’s most special moments are recollected.

This is the canvas where moments are captured inside a sturdy frame.

This is the canvas of where wonderful memories are relived over and over again.

There will be unfamiliar roads yet to be taken and places yet to be discovered. But surely, there will be no angles that a lens could not see, a moment that couldn’t be captured in a shutter, and a canvas could not exhibit.


Jenn Maliwanag, brighter than her name could ever be, has traveled and captured exceptional moments and experiences as a travel photographer. Her skills in capturing most precious photographs are undoubtedly excellent as she finished her specialization in photography from Michigan State University.

Out of this Enhanced Community Quarantine, ‘Your Stories on Canvas’ was created to relive stories, memories, moments and experiences over and over again through the wide space a canvas can give.


Every order plants one tree in partnership with Haribon Foundation.

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